Stop with greenwashing!

Today we want to focus on a deeply felt, and much discussed, topic: greenwashing.

It’s a new word to name a marketing and communication strategy put in place by some companies, which results in the activity of creating a positive image of themselves and trying to sell products to consumers by emphasizing how they protect the environment, but that actually nothing has to do with real sustainability goals.

We are strongly opposed to this ethically incorrect practice, as we are convinced that today’s society needs a real collective effort towards sustainability, made up of concrete actions and not just cosmetic ones.

We have now calculated how much CO2 SELEA has managed to save through investments aimed at reducing its environmental impact; specifically, below is a non-exhaustive list of activities:

  1. We have eliminated plastic water bottles, by installing a purifier and distributing metal bottles to our employees;
  2. We have switched from more polluting polystyrene packaging to recycled and recyclable paper packaging, although the latter is more expensive (see this video);
  3. Instead of manufacturing products whose repair is more expensive than buying a new product, we have designed our devices to be totally repairable and reusable;
  4. And last but not least, at the beginning of August 2022 we have purchased and installed a 50 kW photovoltaic system to produce clean electricity.

In practice, we have estimated that our emissions will be reduced by more than 55 tonnes of CO2 every year.

It might sound a small contribution, but we are proud of it and we are committed to keep on with it for the greater good.