All in one

Behind the emerging era of Smart Cities, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence, which distinguishes true innovators, a technological revolution is unfolding, and Selea certainly couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Traffic analysis, automatic license plate reading, traffic violation alerts, vehicle recognition: make, model, color, type, instantaneous speed, stationary vehicle, queue formation, smoke/fire detection, wrong-way vehicle, nationality, direction, GPS location.

No other camera offers as many features as Selea cameras.

It’s not just about the numerous algorithms embedded in the camera, essential in the era of Smart Cities and IoT, but also inviting you to observe that:

  • for each individual recognition algorithm its precision is always indicated. Inaccurate data is just “rubbish”.
    Selea has made precision its primary mission.  
  • Selea always declares how many makes, models, colors, and types of vehicles it can recognize.
  • thanks to the power of the hardware, all algorithms operate simultaneously.

We call it ZERO EFFECT: zero surprises, zero problems, zero waste of time.

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