Sustainable, from design to production

Sustainability is a journey that requires commitment and research. That is why we have adopted a new approach to design that allows the camera to be completely repaired even after many years, preventing the entire camera from becoming part of the huge electronic waste (e-waste) mountain because of a single, easily replaceable component (as is the case with overseas products).

This means economic savings for those who buy our products, less waste of resources, and less pollution.


Commitment and integrity

We continually strive to find solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible and help reduce our environmental impact.

We recycle metals, wood, cardboard, and anything that can be reused.

We avoid the use of plastics wherever possible. We use renewable energy from solar panels.

We seek new ways to reduce waste while promoting integrity in our actions, fairness in our behavior, transparency in our relationships, and objectivity in our communications.

Customer service: quick, fast and decisive

There are situations where we need an immediate response: not in two hours, not the next day, but right away. Loss of time often means loss of money and customer dissatisfaction.
To avoid this, Selea has created a service department that is ready to respond as quickly as possible to resolve any unforeseen situation, so that you can work with peace of mind, knowing that Selea is at your side every day.

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