Technologies for land and access security.

For those in the urban video surveillance and parking industry, it is not uncommon to be faced with specific requirements that require time and resources to find suitable and reliable products.

To help you in this task, Selea has developed cameras that integrate onboard intelligent video analytics solutions that can be modified to meet specific market needs.

Security cameras

In the digital age, it is not the quantity but the quality of data that determines its value. If you don’t want to accumulate mountains of junk data, video analytics, and license plate reading cameras must be designed to ensure absolute accuracy even under critical conditions (dirty, degraded license plates, darkness, sunlight, fog, snow, rain). That is why we do not compromise and develop high-performance products.

Zero errors = zero problems, zero loss of information, time, and money.

Management and surveillance software

It is not uncommon to encounter software solutions that are feature-rich but not intuitive or easy to use. Or, conversely, solutions that are easy to use but have poor operational functionality.

That’s why we’ve focused our efforts on creating solutions that are comprehensive, yet intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need to be an engineer or read an entire manual to learn how to use Selea license plate reader or video surveillance portal software, because we are constantly at your service to optimize every aspect of your experience.

Trusted partner

Together for sustainability

Products designed to last

To reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, we started with a new eco-sustainable electronic design concept that allows all products to be repaired after many years, eliminating today’s e-waste problem. Less waste, but most of all great savings for the client.

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Urban security Urban security

Urban security

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Access control Access control

Access control

License plate reading system for access control based on OCR technology.

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Special projects Special projects

Special projects

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Customer service: quick, fast and decisive

There are situations where we need an immediate response: not in two hours, not the next day, but right away. Loss of time often means loss of money and customer dissatisfaction.
To avoid this, Selea has created a service department that is ready to respond as quickly as possible to resolve any unforeseen situation, so that you can work with peace of mind, knowing that Selea is at your side every day.

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