Targa INOX

License plate reading camera housing for cor-rosive environments

Do you have any idea of the amount of smog that settles, day after day, on license plate reading cameras installed in tunnels? Do you have any idea of its corrosive power and the operating costs of removing the layer of dirt that obscures the lens?

Significant amounts, to which must be added the inconvenience caused by maintenance on mobility due to the necessary closure of the road section.

Against corrosive agents such as smog, salinity, or chemicals, to preserve your plant over time and shelter you from extra expenses, a protective shell is the solution: TARGA INOX

INO316CG - Clean Glass
BM03INO - Pole collar
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Special housing made of certified AISI316L anti-corrosion stainless steel, providing housing and protection for ANPR-OCR cameras model TARGA 704, 750, and 805. This solution makes these cameras suitable for use in critical and corrosive environments such as tunnels, maritime environments, and in chemical, oil, port, and airport environments. TARGA INOX has a three-axis joint that facilitates installation and allows perfect adjustment even when installed on curved ceilings, or walls not perpendicular to the ground as in tunnels. The camera can be equipped with the protective clean glass system, which is useful in reducing the deposit on the glass from the vehicle exhaust dust that forms inside tunnels and galleries.


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Chemical industries, Ports, Traffic monitoring, Tunnels and galleries, Urban security, Vehicle access control

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