CPS 6.5 – OCR Gate Management

Software for managing gates and license plate reading cameras

Let’s be honest. Municipalities face a thousand difficulties, even when there is money to be shelled out for public safety. Do we really want to get them in trouble by renewing annual fees for solutions that are useful to citizens? Is there any other way? Discover the CPS suite: smart, comprehensive, affordable, fee-free, and fully GDPR compliant.

E-CPSPDND - License for national data platform integration
E-CPSINFO - Algorithm for the analysis of environmental classes
E-CPSMEM - Algorithm for the recognition of MAKE & MODEL
E-CPSVA - Algorithm for recognition of COLOR and CLASS
E-CPSINT - Integration of third-party cameras
E-CPSINT - Integrazione di telecamere di terze parti
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Open and scalable urban security software platform that can integrate any third-party ANPR-OCR camera. The platform is complete with powerful video analytics algorithms (deep learning) and many features for investigative use (accomplice search, dummies, stalker function, red code, cross-referenced license plates, and much more) useful for crime prevention and suppression and to make it easy and effective for local police officers to carry out traffic control and public safety. The CPS suite is the most powerful, affordable, and comprehensive solution on the market exempt from annual renewal fees.

Save with Zero Fees

We know how difficult the renewal of annual fees can become for municipalities, even if they are useful solutions for public safety. That is why Selea decided to offer all upgrades free of charge, exempting them from any kind of annual renewal fee. One less problem and more savings.

Advanced neural networks

Powerful artificial intelligence algorithms built into the CPS software make it possible to extrapolate from camera images lacking video analysis, information such as MAKE, MODEL, TYPE, COLOR, and ENVIRONMENTAL CLASS of vehicles, useful for both search and investigation and crime prevention and suppression.

Investigation and reporting

DUMMIES, ACCOMPLICES to crime, STALKERS, ANTI-HARASSMENT, STOLEN cars, crossed, lost, or CLONED license plates, as well as the usual reporting of uninsured and unreviewed cars. There are many features that the CPS software offers in the areas of road safety, urban and investigation use, crime prevention, and suppression.

Integration and compatibility

CPS software is an open system for:

  • Integrate any license plate reader camera on the market today.
  • Communicate with most video surveillance software such as Milestone, Genetec, Qnap, and many others.
  • Integrate and interconnect license plate reader gateways from different makes.


Statistical traffic analysis, MAP and vehicle tracking; Origin-Destination; average speed between one gate and another; communication with mobile radio devices … are just a few of the many functionalities offered by this solution

Privacy by Design Certification

The entire software suite, including the SELEA BOT for Telegram, has been ISDP10003 certified, meaning they have been designed and built according to the criteria of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default to ensure compliance with the regulations outlined in GDPR 2016/679.

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Accomplices search, Color recognition, Crime prevention, Dummies identification, Investigations, License plate reading systems management, Make and model recognition, Smart City, Stolen vehicles detection, Traffic management and analysis, Traffic monitoring, Urban security, Vehicle insurance verification, Vehicle roadworthiness verification, Vehicle type recognition

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