The warranties offered

The products designed and manufactured by SELEA are covered by a 5-year warranty, with the exception of products not manufactured by Selea (such as tablets, PCs, external hard drives, memories, accessories in general, etc.) which respect the warranty issued by the respective manufacturer. The Selea guarantee, as for all products, is valid as long as the product is used correctly, in compliance with its intended use and as provided in the attached technical documentation.

Product warranty shall be deemed void if the malfunction is caused by incorrect installation or the material is tampered with or has its safety seals removed or is damaged by external events of electrical, atmospheric or accidental nature.

Selea offers:

  • Free upgrades of equipment firmware
  • Free software updates
  • Free telephone support on SELEA product issues

How to proceed

First, we suggest opening a ticket through the link support, describing the problems encountered in as much detail as possible.

Don’t forget to provide all your details (company data and telephone number) and the SERIAL NUMBER of the equipment (without which we are unable to provide adequate support).

Based on your description, we work out the most appropriate solution to implement, whether to proceed electronically (by connecting the camera in IP) or whether to return the product directly to our company.

Many problems can be solved over the telephone by remotely accessing the device.Sometimes, it’s just a matter of adjusting the parameters, such as those of the lens, for example, while in other cases, errors probably occurred during product installation. We are experts and that’s what we are here for. Our goal is to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Whenever you need to send the product back to our Support for repair, you must always fill in this form: RMA

You should pay particular attention to completing the section relating to the description of the problem and product use (application field).Don’t forget to include your company details, email and telephone numbers.We will get back to you as soon as possible with the results of our assessment and any damage we have found.Of course, product warranty is reliant on showing proof of purchase (invoice).The warranty is valid only within the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey, for products purchased and used exclusively in these countries.If the country of use is different from the country of purchase, support will be provided in accordance with SELEA’s terms and conditions. For repairs, the goods must be shipped ex works or returned to the nearest authorised support centre.

Our goal is to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Warranty exclusions

All equipment is tested and guaranteed before shipping.
In spite of this, we sometimes see products returned that do NOT have anymanufacturing defects and the malfunctions have been caused by external factors such as incorrect connections. manomissioni da parte dall’installatore o di dispositivi con evidenti danni fisici dovuti ad un’errata alimentazione, per esser stati sottoposti ad esempio, ad un eccesso di tensione elettrica.Such cases where there is clear failure to follow what is indicated in the specific user manual (use and maintenance manual) and failure to observe the warnings regarding installation, use and maintenance of the product, mean the following are not covered under warranty:

  •  connection to an incorrect power source, including lightning damage and overvoltage
  • use of equipment outside the intended range of use
  • any attempt at repair carried out by a person other than SELEA or by a SELEA authorised support centre
  • improper operation or maintenance of the equipment
  • improper use of the equipment beyond its normal intended purpose
  • use of accessory equipment, products or peripherals of third parties that may cause the malfunction
  • equipment in which the manufacturer’s serial number has been changed, deleted, removed or made illegible
  • equipment adapted or modified, without the prior consent of SELEA, including (by way of example only): upgrading of equipment beyond the specifications or characteristics described in the instruction manual, modifications made to the equipment in order to make it compliant with national standards or technical or safety regulations in force in countries other than those for which such equipment was specifically designed and manufactured
  • the warranty doesn’t apply to consumable parts considered subject to normal wear or tear
  • the warranty doesn’t apply to the loss of software programs, as well as activation or protection keys
  • the costs associated with uninstalling, re-installing or incorporating within a system
  • damage caused to the equipment during transport due to carelessness of the carrier or when the original packaging has been opened and/or modified
  • the warranty doesn’t apply to damage caused by negligence, incorrect use and installation and non-compliance with the warnings and indications given in the instruction and installation manual and/or warning labels, by improper use, damage, deterioration, lightning, the elements, overvoltages and overcurrents, insufficient or irregular power supply, damage occurring during storage at the point of sale or during transport of the product from the point of sale to the customer, during installation, adaptation or modification of the product, or damage caused by incorrect use or that not in accordance with the technical and/or safety measures required in the country where the product is used.

Accessories warranty

All accessories are subject to a 1 year warranty. All other hardware products not produced by Selea (such as tablets, PCs, external hard drives, etc.) comply with the warranty issued by the manufacturer.

Customer service: quick, fast and decisive

There are situations where we need an immediate response: not in two hours, not the next day, but right away. Loss of time often means loss of money and customer dissatisfaction.
To avoid this, Selea has created a service department that is ready to respond as quickly as possible to resolve any unforeseen situation, so that you can work with peace of mind, knowing that Selea is at your side every day.

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