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Specializing in vehicle recognition

While all smart cameras seem to offer the same functionality, what really differentiates them is their proven ability to detect scene elements without error. In the age of digital, big data, and smart cities, the only real element of value is the “zero” factor: zero errors, zero loss of information, zero problems, which also means zero loss of time and money.

This is our mission and the value our products want to offer you.

Urban security Urban security

Urban security

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Access control Access control

Access control

License plate reading system for access control based on OCR technology.

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Special projects Special projects

Special projects

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We have been making roads, cities, and private entrances safe for more than 25 years

100% Made in Italy solutions

Those who are experts in the field know that the real profit comes from word of mouth from fully satisfied customers, which does not depend on savings alone, but on knowledge about the real performance of the product.

Behind it all is often the help of those who designed it. This is what we at Selea provide every day.

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Featured products

100% Made in Italy products

Cameras and software made by Selea in Italy.

Research & Development

Internally developed hardware, software, and algorithms.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions for specific needs.

Integration with other systems

Products easily integrated into third-party systems.

Technical service

Customized support and training services.


the years of experience in urban security and parking.


the Italian public administrations that have chosen Selea.


the number of LPR cameras installed in Italy.

To whom we address

We address all those who work with public administration, local police, in the field of parking and vehicle access control. Our solutions can be used in a wide range of applications, from urban security to automated access in parking lots, hotels, camping, residential complexes, ports, airports, landfills, public weigh stations, corporate vehicle access, and many other applications.


In-depth technical knowledge is essential to train your staff in the proper use of products and services. Our mission is to disseminate this knowledge in the field of vehicle control and urban safety through guides, videos, and in-depth training.

sele academy


In-depth videos and training on products and software solutions.

sele academy


Customized training courses.

sele academy


Training and insights by videoconference.

sele academy

Learning materials

Videos and training documents.

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Technical support and warranty

Selea offers high-profile technical support that is fast and comprehensive. All our products are covered by a 5-year warranty.

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Do you need product information?

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Technical Assistance

Do you need technical assistance?

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Do you have questions about the warranty?

Together for sustainability

Products designed to last

To reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, we started with a new eco-sustainable electronic design concept that allows all products to be repaired after many years, eliminating today’s e-waste problem. Less waste, but most of all great savings for the client.

Looking for a distributor or installer?

Selea has a nationwide presence with certified distributors and installers.
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About us

In the territory I have license plate reading cameras of different brands. I have to admit that Selea’s are really impeccable.

Comm. Giuseppe C.

The accuracy of the data is critical for those of us who do investigations. On installations where there are Selea cameras, the difference is noticeable.

Maresciallo Pietro C.

I’ve had the opportunity to use other software, but Selea’s CPS is really something else.

Ag. Carmelo Z.

Really very knowledgeable and helpful technical staff. State of the art products.

Carlo Z.

I had no experience in reading license plates. Then I called Selea service, and they helped me right away. The client was very satisfied with the operation of their products. Thank you Selea.

Aldo B.

We had given up on license plate reader cameras to open the bar at our campsite. Several problems related to vehicle recognition. Then we were recommended Selea cameras, and I must admit they are at another level. Never a problem.

Eleonora O.

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