CPS MANAGER – for Law Enforcement


Free solution for Police, or general Law Enforcement, developed to speed up and simplify the task of those conducting investigations. The solution makes it possible to exploit and connect to all license plate reading systems in the relevant territory (subject to authorization by the Local Police). It makes it possible to identify under which gate(s) a particular vehicle under investigation has passed, on which days, and at which times, but also to report in real-time the transit of a vehicle (or vehicles) included in the proprietary and encrypted black-list of the Police. An excellent tool for controlling the entire provincial territory, saving time, personnel, and money for both Local Police and Law Enforcement.

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It is free and developed for Law Enforcement and Local Police. It allows from a single location, direct access to license plate reading systems present and distributed throughout the territory, to receive from them, all information related to vehicle transits and alarms of those under investigation. The software makes it possible to speed up investigations, blocking interventions, and save time, personnel, and money for both Local Police and Law Enforcement


The power of this solution is to:

‣ Ensure effective activity for territorial security from one or more centralized locations.

‣ Prevent criminal activities such as theft and robbery.

‣ Uncovering illegal activities, such as dummies and criminal accomplices.

‣ Make law enforcement agencies autonomous, who from a ‘single workstation, can extrapolate transit information, without having to travel from municipality to municipality to request data extrapolation each time.

‣ Report, in real-time, the transit of the vehicle under investigation or placed on the private blacklist of the Law Enforcement.

‣ Save the time and personnel of Local Police and provide them with greater protection when officers are engaged in outside activities.

The solution also allows the Mayor to enhance his or her public investment in video surveillance by fostering communication and cooperation between the Local Police and Law Enforcement in the area, an operation that results in better security for citizens and lower costs for the public administration.

Privacy by Design Certification

ISDP 10003 certified software and designed according to the criteria of privacy by design and privacy by default to guarantee and comply with security and privacy regulations.

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