License plate reading column and box camera

ANPR-OCR license plate reading column that combines aesthetic elegance with intuitive installation and excellent reading accuracy, making it the ideal product for environments such as Parking, Hotel, Residence, Camping, and Companies.

The camera is also available in a box version of only 8×12 cm: so small as to make it an extremely discreet device.

A - 220Vac power supply integrated inside the column
O - OSDP interface
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Everyone is looking for it. It is elegance, a word derived from the Latin verb eligere, meaning “to choose.” The iZero is the perfect choice for those seeking a license plate reading product with appreciated aesthetic qualities combined with high technical performance.

Available versions

The camera is available in five versions:

  • BOX, complete with support arm and connection cables, with 3.6 mm fixed focus lens (1.2~3.5 mt reading)
  • COLUMN in FULL version with FF 3.6 mm lens (reading from 1.2~3.5 mt) or with FF 8 mm lens (reading from 1.5~4 mt)
  • COLUMN in ENTRY version with FF 3.6 mm lens (1.2~3.5 mt reading) or with FF 8 mm lens (1.5~4 mt reading)

99.9% accuracy

In all weather conditions, night and day, up to the speed of 20Km/h


The camera can be integrated both with all automatic vehicle access control barriers and into the parking software solutions of the most well-known brands on the market such as CAME, FAAC, HUB PARKING, SIEMENS, SKIDATA, and many others.


The camera is equipped with an 8 GB microSD SLC memory of industrial type Hight Endurance (-40° to + 85°), which is useful for storing White/Blacklist thanks to which inputs and outputs can be managed automatically without any need for other devices or external connections to PC.


The camera is equipped with:

  • 1 dry contact relay output of 1A /30 Vdc capacity
  • 1 digital output
  • 1 digital input
  • 1 dry contact
  • 1 Ethernet port 10/100
  • 1 USB ports
  • 1 optional RS232/485 Modbus/Wiegand /OSDP interface – vers. 1 and 2 with encryption of transmitted data


Two different types of lenses are available for passageways up to 4 m wide:

  • 6 mm optics for readings at distances between 1.2 mt to 3.5 mt
  • 8 mm optics for readings at distances between 1.5 mt to 4 mt


The camera is equipped with a powerful IR illuminator that enables license plate recognition even at night in dense haze.

Privacy by Design Certification

ISDP 10003 certified Camera and designed according to privacy by design and privacy by default criteria to guarantee and comply with security and privacy regulations.

NDAA Compliance

100% NDAA Compliant Camera for Cyber Security

Altri file in download sono presenti nella area riservata.


Parking management, Permits management, Vehicle access control, Weighing systems

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