Qentry – smart parking

Web-based access control software

Multi-user software designed for those who want to manage public and private parking lots and parking spaces, with features for administration of parking spaces, management of related permits, schedules, counting of parking fees, as well as access management for special types of customers (VIP or family groups) and vehicle categories (Ambulances, Law Enforcement, suppliers).



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If you work in access control, you know how necessary vehicle transit monitoring has become. A growing need especially in the world of businesses that move goods and subject to high truck traffic. Checking, verifying, and preventing theft or unauthorized parties from entering is the task of this module, which is a combination of access control and vehicle parking management.

Permit Management

This module is useful for those who wish to set up a vehicle access administration and control system, with features for managing permits, schedules, counting occupancy costs, and management of special types of customers and vehicles. The software also manages the number of reserved parking spaces for user, season ticket, and hospitality (VIP) categories.

Special Vehicles

Qentry can handle special categories of vehicles (Ambulances, Law Enforcement, suppliers, or special customers) that can automatically enter, regardless of the conditions set for the rest of the users.

Residence and family group management

In application contexts where only one vehicle in the family group is required to be allowed entry, to manage limited availability of parking spaces, as is the case in some residential complexes or campgrounds, Qentry presents itself as the ideal solution to solve this type of problem. When the maximum number of available parking spaces is reached,  inhibits entry to additional vehicles in the family group, enabling entry only when a parking space assigned to them becomes free.

Management of dwell times and rates

The software allows control of dwell times and can manage hourly rates that can be varied according to user category.

Control and notification

Allows control of the maximum number of available parking spaces and reports when the parking lot is full. The software also notifies those who are entering without permission or are prevented from entering

Anti-passback feature

The software alerts when a user tries to exit but is never registered as an entrant or, otherwise, one tries to enter with the same credentials as a user who has already entered and is found never to have exited.

Search Engine

Intelligent search in license plate history, users, categories, waypoints, alarms, and control area.

Application fields

  • Parking lots: for automated management of the entry of subscribed customers or those with a fee.
  • Companies: for employee access control and customer parking spaces.
  • Hotels: for customer parking service by eliminating remote controls, badges, or staff intervention.
  • Camping: for vehicle entry control where the customer has only one reserved parking space.
  • Residence: for control of available parking spaces in the residential complex, by family group.

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Parking management, Permits management, Vehicle access control

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