Targa 950

High-resolution ANPR-OCR camera with multi-ple video analysis on dual lanes

High-resolution camera for high-speed reading of vehicles, equipped with 14 deep neural networks (deep learning) that can distinguish with high accuracy, on dual-lane roads, items such as license plate number, make, model, color, vehicle type, nationality, instantaneous speed, direction, Kemler code of dangerous goods, smoke/fire detection, vehicle in wrong way, stationary vehicle, queue formation, helmet presence on motorcycle drivers.

The camera is equipped with dual high-resolution optics: one for automatic license plate reading (5 Mpx) and one capable of capturing sharp color context images (8 Mpx) of moving vehicles.

A product suitable for traffic detection (Smart City), road, urban and city security, and territorial control.

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For those who want strategic positioning and differentiation from the rest of the market, there is a solution that combines high-tech hardware with advanced artificial intelligence. So let me introduce you to Her Majesty, Targa 950, which through its powerful deep learning neural networks offers extraordinary vehicle recognition capabilities with uncompromising accuracy.

Multi-video analysis

This camera represents the top of the line of Selea products. It integrates as many as 14 AI algorithms on board the camera that work simultaneously to provide, on dual lanes, as many as 13 different types of information. The camera is trained to recognize, with high accuracy, more than 400 makes, more than 9000 models, 16 shades of color, 35 types of “subjects” (cars, trucks, people, motorcycles, bicycles, ambulances, etc…), more than 50 nationalities, instant speed estimation, report vehicle in wrong way, stationary vehicle, smoke and fire, helmet (or no-helmet) presence detection on motorcycle/moped drivers.

OCR sensor

The camera is equipped with a 5-Mpixel optical sensor with a 12-40 mm varifocal lens for license plate character recognition: a useful function in the area of reporting uninsured and unreviewed vehicles, stolen vehicles, or vehicles under administrative detention, which are useful in investigations for effective offense prevention and suppression.

Context sensor

In addition to the license plate reading sensor, the camera is equipped with an 8-Mpixel Sony Night Vision (4K) color sensor that allows for the capture of sharp images of moving vehicles and accurate video analysis of the context.


Selea not only states the types of algorithms integrated but also states their recognition accuracy, which is:

Of 99.8% on the reading of license plates in all weather conditions, night and day.
Of 98% on reading ADR (Kemler-ONU) tables of vehicles carrying dangerous goods.
Of 95% on recognition of estimated speed, direction of travel, make, model, color, vehicle type, and helmet presence.


The camera is equipped with a powerful IR illuminator that enables license plate recognition even at night in dense haze.


As standard, the camera comes with 16GB micro SD SLC (Hight Endurance from -40° to + 85°) memory expandable up to 1TB

UNI 107772 Certification

UNI10772:2016 Class A accredited camera with 100% reading accuracy on rear, two-line, motorcycle, and moped license plates.

Privacy by Design Certification

ISDP 10003 certified Camera and designed according to privacy by design and privacy by default criteria to guarantee and comply with security and privacy regulations.

NDAA Compliance

100% NDAA Compliant Camera for Cyber Security

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Color recognition, Crime prevention, Incident detection, Make and model recognition, Smart City, Stationary vehicle, Stolen vehicles detection, Traffic congestions, Traffic management and analysis, Traffic monitoring, Urban security, Vehicle insurance verification, Vehicle roadworthiness verification, Vehicle type recognition, Vehicles fire and smoke notification, Wrong-way driving vehicle

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