Reading the license plates of vehicles in a sur-veillance video

Solution to extrapolate from a FULL HD (1920×1080) MKV or AVI-type video footage in Mpeg4 or H264 format from a traditional video surveillance system the license plate numbers of the vehicles within the video(s) thus allowing great time savings for security operators to track down the suspicious car. The license plates recognized by the OCR BOX within the video(s), are saved in the supplied CPS software which allows subsequent processing by extrapolating Make and Model.

The solution comes complete with: OCR BOX device with integrated license plate recognition algorithm • CPS management software with video analysis module for vehicle Make & Model recognition • Ethernet connection cable • 16 GB USB memory • Power supply

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Only those who are called upon to verify whether a particular vehicle has been captured within the hundreds of cameras in the municipality can understand how long it takes to view all the footage. Sometimes days, sometimes months.

SELEA has developed a solution that makes it possible to “unwind” all the footage in no time and extrapolate from the video all the license plate numbers of the vehicles that appeared within the signed and quickly intercept the “capture” images. In addition, the supplied software enables a sophisticated algorithm for recognizing the make and model of vehicles: very useful for facilitating the search in case only one of these elements is known.

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